Post Office - Mass Mailing - Module
Post Office

Post Office or scheduler module of OltErp is an Internet Communication tool used for mass mailing with your own email ids or mail server.

Various activities/ facilities and steps to use post office service:

  1. Upload Contacts from Excel
  2. Contacts can be classified in groups
  3. Contacts are reusable and modifiable
  4. Bulk emails will be sent using client's own email
  5. Multiple email addresses can be used to send emails
  6. The Reply To email address can be set to the same email address even when different email addresses were used to send mails. So if anybody replies, the reply will come to one inbox.
  7. Emails will go to primary inbox and not promotions or social.
  8. All mails will not be sent immediately, they will be sent sequentially over a period of time. (Automated Sequential delivery of mails)
  9. Mails will be sent 24 hrs. a day and 365 days.
  10. Option to check if an email address is valid/exists before adding it to Contacts.
  11. Mails can include attachments and embedded images. (Supports HTML with images)
  12. Mails sent are responsive/compatible on all devices.
  13. Since it is using client's standard mail servers like Gmail,yahoo etc.. chances of the mails going into spam of recipient is very unlikely.
  14. No. of emails sent per day can vary from 1,000 to 20,000
  15. From Name and Reply To name is controlled by the client
  16. Reporting facility as per requirement.
  17. Recipient can unsubscribe if he/she does not want to receive any further emails.
  18. Easy setup and 24 x 7 support
  19. All mails sent, are stored and can be reused
  20. Attachments and images can be sent which shall open in outlook, Gmail etc..

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